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Finishing: Tubular and Open-Width

We have a variety of equipment to meet your specifications. Our tubular machines can roll or fold fabrics from 6” to 36”. Relaxed drying combined with digital compacting provides excellent shrinkage control for tubular knits. Our brand new open-width facility was just completed in 2014. We offer various packaging options for domestic and international shipments. 
  • Fab-con padders.
  • Fab-con Whirlwind relaxed dryer.
  • Fab-con compactors.
  • Comet tubular and open-width napping/brushing.
  • Narrow trim calendaring.


  • Seven-zone Unitech tenter frame.
  • Two padders for additional chemical applications.
  • Working widths from 40" to 75".
  • Pyrometers for fabric temperature control.
  • Gumming/trimming.
  • Inspection/batching station.