Hot Water System

Shearing of raised surface fabrics produces a more uniform surface and adds durability to the napped surfaces.

Datacolor DC 1000 Spectrophotometer

Fabric Packages

Arriving February 2024 we have update our color matching capabilities by purchasing a Datacolor DC1000 Spectrophotometer.

leading the pack

Lafer Shearing Machine

In addition to dyeing and finishing services, we now can offer finished fabric packages to our customers who may not want to convert their own fabrics. Quotes are available upon request. 

We have a planned expansion of our current garment dye capabilities coming mid 2024.

Garment Dye

New more efficient hot water system – we have upgraded our hot water system to a more efficient system designed to reuse our hot water. Clean process water is recirculated and stored to be used for the next process. This is not only an energy savings but also lowers the amount of water needed to process fabrics.

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